KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse

The KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse offers the perfect time to play. It is packed with lots of fun detailing including furniture and elevator pieces that produce high quality sound by just the push of the button. It can be described as sturdy mansion that can withstand for many years of rough handling and as a perfect gift for birthday or Christmas for a young girl. The KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse is large enough with adequate playing space and therefore ideal for multiple children who want to play with it. Other important accessories included with this toy included lamp lights, piano which plays music, toilet which makes flushing sound. It comes with its batteries with every purchase.

KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse Features and Specifications

  • Fun details. It has a number of details which are packed with furniture pieces and gliding elevator.
  • Large playing space. This makes it ideal for multiple players.
  • Sturdy construction. This feature is quite important as it makes it safe for playing and durable. It can be therefore be used for many years before replacing it another one.
  • Made from woods. It is manufactured by use of composite wood products and therefore can be painted or customized with different colors

KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse Pros and Cons


  • Music
  • Light lamps
  • Sturdy
  • Batteries included


  • For 3 -15 years children

KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse Reviews

One of the recent customers who purchased the KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse said, “My daughter spotted this dollhouse in my neighbor’s house and become crazy about it. It is an amazing toy, very sturdy and quite entertaining for my two year old daughter.”

Another customer at amazon who is currently using the KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse said, “What amazed about this dollhouse is that it is easier to put together. Parts are marked accurate; directions are given and easier to follow. I love the design and I highly recommend this toy.”

The KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse is an excellent toy that is a popular choice among children. If you are looking for a fun and sturdy toy for your daughter, then checkout the KidKraft My Dreamy Dollhouse.

The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Self-Storing Fully Furnished Dollhouse is a full-furnished and self-storing dollhouse. It comes with a number of passable figures that create fun. It is also amazingly detached and detailed with super-fun gift for any kid. It includes a total of 15 pieces of hand-detailed, upholstered furniture with an inspiration of future interior decoration. Working drawers and doors can make this toy a life-like playing experience. With this dollhouse you are assured your child with have long hours of fun.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Self-Storing Fully Furnished Dollhouse Features and Specifications

  • Full-furnished. This feature is quite important as it ensures many hours of fun for your kids.
  • Easy maintenance. Cleaning of this dollhouse is quite easy and this is made possible by the two in-built drawers.
  • Fully assembled. This dollhouse comes fully assembled and hence no time to waste in assembling it.
  • Wooden made. This makes it safe to play with and also easy to customize with different colors and by painting.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Self-Storing Fully Furnished Dollhouse Pros and Cons


  • High quality materials
  • Sturdy construction
  • Already assembled


  • Ideal only for children aged between 6 ages and 15years.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Self-Storing Fully Furnished Dollhouse Reviews

One of the recent customers who purchased the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Self-Storing Fully Furnished Dollhouse said, “I purchased this dollhouse three months ago. It is adorable and beautifully constructed. The rooms can be easily be accessed making it fun to play with.”

Another customer at amazon who is currently using the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Self-Storing Fully Furnished Dollhouse said, “I purchased this dollhouse for my 4 year old daughter after being referred by a friend. It was a Christmas gift. I love it since it creates many hours of fun.”

The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Self-Storing Fully Furnished Dollhouse is one of the best toys manufactured by award winning company. If you are looking for a fun and elegant dollhouse, then make the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Self-Storing Fully Furnished Dollhouse part of your collection

The Fisher Price Loving family Exclusive Holiday Dollhouse is amazing toy that makes a perfect gift for Christmas and birthdays. It is full furnished with a total six cute and all-season room sets. It is also furnished with lots of decorative holiday accessories which add the twinkling lights, special sounds and merry music. Every room has sets feature reversible décor ideal for year-round play. Another important feature associated with this dollhouse sizzling stove-top and the whistling kettle sounds that emerge from the kitchen.

Fisher Price Loving family Exclusive Holiday Dollhouse Features and Specifications

  • Full furnished. It comes with over 50 accessories and also furnished with a total of six beautiful all-seasons to add to special sounds and music for holidays.
  • Reversible décor. This feature is found in every room. This makes ideal and can be used to play anytime of the year.
  • Removable holiday accessories. It comes with accessories meant for holiday seasons and allow the girls to make their own decorations

Fisher Price Loving family Exclusive Holiday Dollhouse Pros and Cons


  • Music and high quality sound
  • Light features
  • Full furnished
  • Reversible décor


  • Only for 3 years and above
  • It does not have a balcony

Fisher Price Loving family Exclusive Holiday Dollhouse Reviews

One of the recent customers who purchased the Fisher Price Loving family Exclusive Holiday Dollhouse said, “I purchased the new version last year and have been using the older version for more than years. I love their durability.”

Another customer at amazon who is currently using the Fisher Price Loving family Exclusive Holiday Dollhouse said, “I love Fisher Price toys, this dollhouse looks the ancient Victorian houses. It is a perfect gift for Christmas.”

The Fisher Price Loving family Exclusive Holiday Dollhouse is an excellent toy designed to offer tons of fun for young kids. If you are looking for a durable and safe to play dollhouse for your young ones, then make the Fisher Price Loving family Exclusive Holiday Dollhouse part of your collection

A Wooden Dollhouse for your Daughter

Many people choose to build wooden dollhouses out of all the materials available to construct this with. One of the main reasons being that this toy will last for many years to come. Dollhouses are suitable for your child to play with at a young age and sturdy enough to last them into old age so there will be many years of enjoyment from this gift. These qualities mean that the dollhouse can be passed down with love from mother to daughter, for generation to generation.

Another advantage of having a wooden dollhouse is that it can be designed to suit your child’s wishes, in any creative style you want. There are some template options that are pre-cut to a specific design but building it yourself gives you the freedom to be as creative as you like as well as adding that personal touch. Any rooms can be expanded or extensions included at anytime you like.

Whether you build your own dollhouse, or choose a ready-made version there is a limitless selection of furniture to furnish them with. If you’re willing to take on the challenge then you can make the furniture yourself but there is a wide array of furniture available at various hobby shops. With such a large selection on offer, your child can release their inner designer by decorating each room to suit their individual personality.

If you choose a ready-made dollhouse then there are many different sizes and models available. They range from the small and inexpensive, to larger and more expensive models that have many small, beautiful and intricate details. So, depending on the quality you want for your child’s dollhouse and the budget you’re willing to spend, there’s bound to be something fun that your child will be able to play with for years to come.
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Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Dolls from MGA Entertainment

There’s a magical story behind the Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Dolls from MGA Entertainment and why these dolls have made the top ten hottest toys list this year. The story is that these cute and precious dolls were once only rag dolls.

They were cute, but they were just ordinary dolls. However, once the final stitch was sewn, these dolls came to life and brought joy and delight into the hearts of every child who had one. The dolls are said to acquire their sweet personality based on the kind of fabric they are made of.

One of the dolls, Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll Crumbs Sugar Cookie, is said to have been created right from the apron of a baker; it’s no wonder she’s so delightfully sweet and all the kids want her.

She comes with the pliable but strong hair that kids can easily bend and curve into a style. They can make it curly, twirly or leave it straight. Kids can have a lot of fun creating weird and wacky hairstyles with this doll.  The doll comes with:

  • A hairbrush
  • Four hair  clips
  • Six beads, which can be attached to the doll’s hair for children to be able to style the hair.

The Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Dolls from MGA Entertainment comes with a pet mouse which has yellow inner ears, a twirly pink tail and the same button eyes that makes the dolls so lovable. The pet’s tail can also be decked out in a straight or curly style just like the doll’s hair!

The doll’s rag doll style head has button eyes and a replica stitch mouth. This makes her so endearing and your little one won’t be able to stop hugging her.  What makes it even better is that the adorable Sugar Cookie doll has friends!

One of these must-have doll friends is the Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll Jewel Sparkles. Just like Sugar Cookie, this sweet doll has hair that can be styled. She also has the clips and the hair beads for hours of fun for your child.

You can see the amount of careful detail that’s gone into the doll’s dress; it’s been made in a dark burgundy colour with a ruffle in the skirt and the outfit is trimmed in lace. Like Sugar Cookie, she comes with a pet but her pet is a little pink cat with a bendable tail that can also be styled.

Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Dolls from MGA Entertainment are so cute and make great collectible gifts. Bring the magic home for the special ones you love by buying one today.

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Barbie Pink 3-story Dream Townhouse

All children love to dress up; whether it’s as a doctor or playing house. These role-playing games educate as well as entertain your child. While playing, the child imitates life and so learns real life skills as well as developing their creativity and sparking their imagination. With the Barbie Pink 3-story Dream Townhouse, girls use their games to make sense of the world around them.

Although that may sound like too much to expect from just a toy, psychologists have shown that imaginative role-playing is how children introduce the realities of relationships between themselves and their environment. Of course, your child doesn’t understand that this is happening; they just know they're having a blast with their friends Barbie and Ken as they play with their Barbie Pink 3-story Dream Townhouse.

As you may have guessed from the name, the dollhouse has 3 stories but there’s so much more to it than just height. There are five fully-furnished rooms to play in, with working electric lights and cool accessories throughout. Alongside all this, normal household noises such as Barbie humming in the shower, the crackling of the fireplace and the sound of the toilet flushing sound through the house.
And it’s not only the inside living space that’s fully fitted for Barbie but her garden too! The Barbie Pink 3-story Dream Townhouse has a covered outdoor area with her a whirlpool tub and patio area; complete with miniature tiki lamps that really light up. This latest version of Barbie's home may have all the mod cons but not everything has changed– it's still in the signature Barbie pink.

Plenty of space will be needed for The Barbie Pink 3-story Dream Townhouse as it is over 3 feet tall. This dollhouse requires 6 AA batteries for the sound effects and working lights. Luckily, if those batteries do die then this toy can still be plenty of fun as the game begins in your child’s imagination.

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Lalaloopsy Doll

The Lalaloopsy Doll was the best selling range of dolls in the Christmas 2010  shopping frenzy and it is easy to see why. These dolls are a very cute range of rag dolls. Each character has her own story and comes with an adorable little pet. The range is aimed at little girls aged 6 and up but younger ones will love them too. They are not recommended for the under threes though due to small parts.

So where is Lalaloopsy land? It is a make believe land where these rag dolls live. You can visit it on You Tube which has probably added to the phenomenal success of this product. Each rag doll takes on a character based on the material that it has been made from. When the last stitch has been sewn the little rag doll comes alive. So let's introduce you to a couple of these cute little toys:

  • Crumb Sugar Cookie thinks she is a chef as she was made from the remnants of a chef's uniform. She loves to bake and treat all of her friends.
  • Tippy Tumbelina is a ballerina having been made from an old tutu. She comes with an adorable white swan as her little toy.
  • Jewels Sparkles is currently the bestselling doll; she is very cute with her sparkly costume.
  • Lalaloopsy Doll Dot Starlight is a dreamer, always looking up at the universe. She was made from an old astronaut uniform and dreams of revisiting outer space.
  • Bea Spellsalot is the complete opposite to Dot Starlight. Bea was made from an old school uniform and so thinks she is very clever and likes to show off her knowledge. She is also a stickler for the rules and has a little owl as her pet.
  • Peanut Bigtop is the clown of the group who loves to make her friends laugh with her antics. Her little pet is a cute elephant with his own top hat.

In addition to these various dolls, clothes and accessories are available to buy as well. These should fit normal sized dolls as well.

All the Lalaloopsy dolls have a plastic head and hair which are relatively easy to clean and many people think they will become collectible items in the future. They are currently priced at around $25 dollars each. If you plan on buying these to put up on a shelf, be warned, they are so cute you will find it hard to resist taking them out to play with. Is there any downside to these dolls? The only complaint is the packaging can be difficult to remove so take your time with it.

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Monster High Dolls

Some of the coolest kids in school are the kids of Monster High. The Monster High dolls include the neatest new looks and are a craze that are literally sweeping the world. Monster High includes some fairly cool teachers in a spooky old school but the kids of Monster High are literally like kids everywhere. Concerned with looks, boys, fashion, and fun, the BFF's of Monster High can be counted on to give your kids a good time no matter where they take them.

Frankie Stein, daughter of -yes you guessed it, Frankenstein, has a cool style that is ghoulishly stylish and shopping is what she does best. In fact you could say that Frankie Steins clothing is something to die for. Her two best friends, Draculaura and Clawdeen Wolf are usually with her in body as well as in spirit. Together they shop, they play, they stalk and have fun and they are selecting the coolest clothing, the most kicking accessories, and the best of everything that can be had for wearing at Monster High.

The favorite colors of Frankie are black with white stripes to match her black and white hair. She's got an awesome personal pet whose name is Watzit -it's easy to see why. She's made from all different parts of all different animals and really has a great personality. The one flaw that she has is that sometimes the stitching pulls loose and her arms fall off. It happened one time at Fearleading tryouts and it really made her mad. Monter High's Frankie dollar is fully jointed and you can get the best of clothing for the Monster High Dolls in order to dress them for success. Clawdeen loves her accessories and each Monster high doll also comes with their own little pet and a brush so that you can dress them and primp them for the Monster Ball. Along with Clawdeen, Frankie, Draculaura you will find the Lagoona Blue, child of the sea monster as well as the school and several other items.

Accessorize Frankie, Draculaura, Lagoona, and The others for the many different things they see in the course of the day. Monster High dolls are complete with brush, pet, and one outfit, as well as a diary that has an unlock code for you to write your secrets in.. Other accessories and toy clothing outfits are sold separately. The Monster High dollars are not suitable for those under four due to smaller parts and accessory pieces.

Monster High is one of the most popular toys of all time. Get your Monster High and your favorite outfits and accessories at a larger department store or shop online here for better pricing and fewer crowded malls. Monster High dolls are out just in time for the holiday season. Grab a couple and give your kids something to smile about.

Baby Alive Bouncin’ Babbles

Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles

Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles - Brunette
Overall Rating:
Retail Price: $29.99
Amazon Price: $22.99

Baby dolls are always a popular choice with children. Little girls especially love to take care of them, and they make a great gift to help a child adjust if they are expecting a new sibling soon. Now, the Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles are here.

You can choose between a blue eyed blonde, a dark skinned baby or a brunette. All are the perfect size for young children and have happy faces. The Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles is also quite interactive, in that they display realism by making babbling baby sounds to join their cheerful faces. They can even move their legs when you grab their hands, kicking like a real newborn baby. No wonder they’re called ‘baby alive’. Children will certainly be charmed by this feature, though may need assistance initially in pressing the hands.

The babies themselves come with three AA batteries included in demonstration mode, so you can start using your Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles straight away. They are aimed at children aged three and up, and a wide range of ages of children will enjoy them. With a hard head, they are quite durable, yet the main body is cuddly and soft enough that children will love to walk around hugging it. The moving mode is activated through the hands, yet it also has some light responsiveness, and they tend to babble when a light is turned on in a dark room if you walk in with it. While some parents have had reservations, many love it, so it’s probably worth checking your child’s reaction to the toy in passing before buying it at Christmas.

If your child does like the Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles, then there are lots of options available aimed for children around the same age. As well as the various skin colours and hair colours, the baby can gain many other accessories.

Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles - Blonde
Overall Rating:
Retail Price: $29.99
Amazon Price: $40.00
For example, if you were to choose the Baby Alive All Gone doll, she comes with a sippy cup, spoon and a bowl filled with bananas. Feed the baby and the bananas disappear. Or there is the Baby Alive Better Now Baby which drinks, wets her nappy and gets better when your child gives her medicine. The pack comes with four bandages and a stethoscope to really add to the doctors or nurses playtime.
On the whole, the baby alive range is a great choice this Christmas, especially the newest Baby Alive Bouncin Babbles.

Monster High Dawn Of The Dance Cleo De Nile Doll

Overall Rating:

Seller: Amazon
The coolest ghouls in school at Monster High are ready to cut up the dance floor and boogie the night away! Features creeparific fashions, iCoffin, purse, dance invitation and character photos. Dolls cannot hold items as shown.
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