Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles

Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles - Brunette
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Retail Price: $29.99
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Baby dolls are always a popular choice with children. Little girls especially love to take care of them, and they make a great gift to help a child adjust if they are expecting a new sibling soon. Now, the Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles are here.

You can choose between a blue eyed blonde, a dark skinned baby or a brunette. All are the perfect size for young children and have happy faces. The Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles is also quite interactive, in that they display realism by making babbling baby sounds to join their cheerful faces. They can even move their legs when you grab their hands, kicking like a real newborn baby. No wonder they’re called ‘baby alive’. Children will certainly be charmed by this feature, though may need assistance initially in pressing the hands.

The babies themselves come with three AA batteries included in demonstration mode, so you can start using your Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles straight away. They are aimed at children aged three and up, and a wide range of ages of children will enjoy them. With a hard head, they are quite durable, yet the main body is cuddly and soft enough that children will love to walk around hugging it. The moving mode is activated through the hands, yet it also has some light responsiveness, and they tend to babble when a light is turned on in a dark room if you walk in with it. While some parents have had reservations, many love it, so it’s probably worth checking your child’s reaction to the toy in passing before buying it at Christmas.

If your child does like the Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles, then there are lots of options available aimed for children around the same age. As well as the various skin colours and hair colours, the baby can gain many other accessories.

Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles - Blonde
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Retail Price: $29.99
Amazon Price: $12.00
For example, if you were to choose the Baby Alive All Gone doll, she comes with a sippy cup, spoon and a bowl filled with bananas. Feed the baby and the bananas disappear. Or there is the Baby Alive Better Now Baby which drinks, wets her nappy and gets better when your child gives her medicine. The pack comes with four bandages and a stethoscope to really add to the doctors or nurses playtime.
On the whole, the baby alive range is a great choice this Christmas, especially the newest Baby Alive Bouncin Babbles.

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