The Madison's Party Pad Playset is quite an amazing toy designed for children with the age of 3 years and above. It features My Scene gang meant for the ultimate party. Other important features include Party Pad, Chelsea, Barbie, Nolee, Kenzie and Delancey which are the trendiest gal pals that live in the big city. The spacious two-storied house is the only place that is great to accommodate the biggest party of the year. This is the place Madison calls home. The toy is decked out with many party-related accessories. Also with the party light feature there is a creation of a glow-in-the dark effect that can be seen on the gang’s clothes and other accessories. Another important feature associated with the Madison's Party Pad Playset is the pulsating light and music that will get your party rocking. This toy comes with a complete spiral staircase that leads to the bedroom through upstairs. The fireplace, furniture and other lots of plush accessories make it a great toy.

Madison's Party Pad Playset Features and Specifications

  • Dance worth music. This is meant to increase the party mood. Your kids can also learn dancing.
  • Durable. A long lasting toy designed for many years of use before purchasing or replacing it with another one.
  • Black light effects. This feature plus the music greatly enhance the party mood and therefore creating tons of fun.

Madison's Party Pad Playset Pros and Cons


  • The black lights and music provide a true party atmosphere
  • Tons of fun
  • Stylish furniture


  • Construction is not good

Madison's Party Pad Playset Reviews

One of the recent customers who purchased the Madison's Party Pad Playset said, “I have twins and this was the greatest gift I offered them. They are all aged 10 years and bought it for their Christmas. I highly recommend it.”

Another customer at amazon who is currently using the Madison's Party Pad Playset said, “I purchased this toy last year and I like its design and the stylish furniture and other accessories it comes with.”

The Madison's Party Pad Playset is an excellent playing set for kids. It is not only stylish but also durable. If you are looking for a perfect Christmas gift for your kids, then checkout the Madison's Party Pad Playset.

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