All children love to dress up; whether it’s as a doctor or playing house. These role-playing games educate as well as entertain your child. While playing, the child imitates life and so learns real life skills as well as developing their creativity and sparking their imagination. With the Barbie Pink 3-story Dream Townhouse, girls use their games to make sense of the world around them.

Although that may sound like too much to expect from just a toy, psychologists have shown that imaginative role-playing is how children introduce the realities of relationships between themselves and their environment. Of course, your child doesn’t understand that this is happening; they just know they're having a blast with their friends Barbie and Ken as they play with their Barbie Pink 3-story Dream Townhouse.

As you may have guessed from the name, the dollhouse has 3 stories but there’s so much more to it than just height. There are five fully-furnished rooms to play in, with working electric lights and cool accessories throughout. Alongside all this, normal household noises such as Barbie humming in the shower, the crackling of the fireplace and the sound of the toilet flushing sound through the house.
And it’s not only the inside living space that’s fully fitted for Barbie but her garden too! The Barbie Pink 3-story Dream Townhouse has a covered outdoor area with her a whirlpool tub and patio area; complete with miniature tiki lamps that really light up. This latest version of Barbie's home may have all the mod cons but not everything has changed– it's still in the signature Barbie pink.

Plenty of space will be needed for The Barbie Pink 3-story Dream Townhouse as it is over 3 feet tall. This dollhouse requires 6 AA batteries for the sound effects and working lights. Luckily, if those batteries do die then this toy can still be plenty of fun as the game begins in your child’s imagination.

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